Anurag i21 Setup Free Download

Today I share with you Anurag i21 photoshop plugin for photo retouching and making a grade photo editing, Anurag i21 photoshop plugin is very imported to photoshop professional photo editor because Anurag i21 gives to you so many facilities and 352 very attractive tools they are most useful for photo editing,

You can easily Anurag i21 working in photoshop cs2, photoshop cs3, photoshop cs4, photoshop cs5, and photoshop cs6,

Anurag i21 is a full professional photoshop plugin and in which you can easily background remover and various photo effect and photo retouching on your any images/photos after using Anurag i21 Plugin you can save your wasting time.

Anurag i21free download
Anurag i21free download full version

Anurag i21 Tools New Features Of This Software.

  • Skin Improvement
  • Single Click White Balance Tool
  • Color Correction
  • Make Up
  • Sparkle Eye & Ornaments
  • Background Change in PSD
  • Passport Package
  • Tone Effect
  • 200 Border
  • Photo Effect
  • Black & White to Color
  • Customized Water Mark
  • Auto Batch Level

What Version Of Adobe Photoshop Anurag i21 Plugins can use?

Adobe Photoshop 9 (CS2), Adobe Photoshop 10 (CS3), Adobe Photoshop 11 (CS4), Adobe Photoshop 12 (CS5),Adobe Photoshop 12 (CS6)

Requirement Of Anurag i21 Plugins

Processor: P4 2.0 Or Higher
Operating System: Windows XP, WindowsVista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Run Time Files: Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0
RAM:1024 MB Or Higher.
Multi-Media: CD / DVD Rom.
Monitor: SVGA Color.

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